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Unsubscribe from Mail

A path to the future where you decide what to see in your mailbox. Yes! Your paper mail, not email inbox!

Choose Your Mail

Tell the business which offers are best for you and take control of your mail.

Eliminate Clutter

Less unwanted mail in your mailbox means less clutter - all from your phone.

Reduce Waste

Help us reduce waste by getting the mail you want, not the mail you don’t.

Our Mission

The average American household receives 848 pieces of unwanted mail per year. Our mission at SavePaper is simple; we are helping reduce the use of paper by getting rid of unwanted mail. We accomplish our mission by giving the consumer control over what mail they receive. Unlike other methods we work with companies who produce it. We believe that by working together we can reduce the amount of paper used while helping everyone get what they want.

Giving Back

We pledge to donate 10% of our profit to environmental protection.

Conserve Resources

100 million trees are used each year in America to produce our mail.

Mail Marketers & Brands

We understand that marketing is an important part of building and maintaining a brand. The happier you make your consumer the more loyal they will be. SavePaper can help you create excitement over the advertising that you send, by telling you how the consumer feels about the message you are sending.

Increase Efficiency

Up to 44% of mail is disposed of unopened.

Evolve With Your Customers

70% of companies that deliver best in class customer experience use customer feedback. (huffpost)

Never Lose Your Customer

With traditional opt out programs the consumer is lost forever. We give them another option that allows them to easily change their mind.